I sit here writing this blog in misery. I've been hit by the dreaded spring/summer cold. Yes, just as the weather starts to turn nice I'm hit with a cold so fierce all I want to do is sleep. It sure seems like colds that hit this time of year of worse than a cold that you might get during the winter months. It turns out there is a reason why.

First of all, spring/summer colds tend to be more intense that winter colds. I can attest to that. Plus, they can last longer too. But why? Why must such a cruel illness hit at such an inopportune time? Spring/summer colds are caused by enteroviruses. They'll give you a runny nose, drainage, and congestion of a standard cold with the added bonuses of things like fever, sore through, severe cough, and more. Awesome!

Could it be allergies? If the symptoms last for several months, then chances are yes. The typical spring/summer cold will only seem like it lasts that long. The average warm weather cold lasts seven to ten days.

Now, how do you avoid getting sick in the first place? Wash your hands! Warm weather colds are often transmitted by dirty hands. So keep the hand sanitizer handy and wash whenever you can. Don't let the warm weather be an excuse for not getting enough sleep. Stay well rested. Nap if need be. Also, keep a balanced diet and stay hydrated.

I'd just like to apologize to Courtlin, the rest of my co-workers, and the listeners for the odd noises that have come out of me this week as I try and breathe. Working at a job where talking is your number one duty when you can't breathe is tough. Sorry for the hacking and cough, and the drug-induced haze I continue to be in. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm due for another dose of Sudafed.


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