I don't like typing this as much as you don't like reading it. The extended winter forecast from the Farmers' Almanac has come out and you're not going to like what they have predicted for Iowa.

Even though the show ended in 2019, the line from HBO's hit show Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming," gives us in Iowa that ominous feeling. It comes every year but this winter could bring us very cold temperatures and blizzards.


Record-Breaking Cold In 2019

If you think back to January 2019, you may remember how cold it was in the Quad Cities. On the last day of the month, Mother Nature set the record for the coldest day in history for our area bringing us down to -33°, according to the National Weather Service.

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We're not sure if we'll get down to that cold of temperatures this winter (we sure hope not), but the Farmers' Almanac thinks it's going to be pretty cold in Iowa.

Farmers' Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

Winter Forecast For Iowa

For Iowa, the Farmers' Almanac extended weather forecast, which is based on a mathematical and astronomical formula, calls for below-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, and rain for much of the Midwest.

But late blizzard conditions are predicted for Iowa. By late I mean at the start of spring.

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In the Winter Weather Advisory portion of the Famers' Almanac, Iowa and other North Central states have the potential for blizzard conditions in March.

"Potential blizzards for this first week of March will remind folks in the North Central States (Iowa) that winter isn’t over yet."

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Will Iowa Actually Get A Really Bad Winter?

The Quad Cities area averages 31.6" of snow between September and May. The bulk of that falls between December and February (25.5 inches), according to the National Weather Service.

The average high temperature from November 30 to March 1 in the Quad Cities is 42°. January gets the coldest with an average high of 32°, according to Weather Spark.


We're not sure if the Farmers' Almanac will be spot-on this year or not. We hope they aren't but they've been doing this since 1818. They use their time-tested weather formula to give an extended weather forecast for the winter and throughout the year.

We'll stick to listening to our friends at KWQC-TV6 and you should too.

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