It's a game I play every time the lottery jackpot gets crazy enough for me to play. The game is, if money were no object, what kind of car would you buy? There are days when I'd love a big jacked up truck. Some days I go practical and think about a huge SUV to haul the kids around in. But most days my thoughts to turn to one car. The Pontiac GTO.

I blame my dad for my obsession with the GTO. At some point when I was a young child, I asked my dad about what kind of car he drove when he was younger. He went upstairs to a storage room and came back with the original brochure and advertisements for his 1967 Pontiac GTO. Something about it had me hooked. A muscle car from a different time. I asked my dad what had happened to his prize possession. He told me that he was involved in an accident in it and that it would have been too costly to fix. So he parted ways with it. Looking back all these years later, he regrets that decision. Little did he know how collectible the GTO would become.

Steve Brainard
Steve Brainard

I'm not a 'car' person. I don't change my own oil. You'll never see me with the hood up trying to gain a few more RPM's. But finding a GTO and restoring it with my dad was a fantasy of mine for years. He checked into a few restorable models over the years but they all proved to be either too much work or too expensive to restore.

So everytime the jackpot gets big and I buy a lottery ticket, I have the same dream. Right after I buy a huge house, and put my kids through college, I'm buying a 1967 GTO. And one for my dad too. He'd better not wreck this one.

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