Here we go again! Since the year 2015, Brain and I have been playing a game that we like to call 'Christmas Karaoke.' Here's how it works: Brain and I each choose a Christmas song for the other to sing, but we don't tell them what it is. The goal is to REALLY embarrass the other person, and we're typically pretty good at it. For example, here are the videos from the last few years:

This morning was the return of 'Christmas Karaoke,' and, as usual, it was totally humiliating. I gave Brain the song "Dominic the Donkey" by Lou Monte, which he didn't even KNOW, and then he gave me the song "White Christmas" in the style of Jingle Cats. Yep, I had to MEOW "White Christmas" live on the air. It was not my proudest moment. Here are this year's videos:

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