(That's a photo of our Christmas gifts that we gave each other on the air this morning. Brain gave me a photo of the gift because it was too big to bring into work!)

This is it! Today is day 12 of our "12 Days of Questions" and that means it's your very LAST chance to win a $25 gift card to Wild Hogs! Just leave a comment before 9 a.m. and you could be randomly selected to win. Here is your final question:

What's your favorite Brain & Courtlin moment of 2016?

This could be anything - a concert announcement, a call-in topic we did, a certain Taste Bud Trivia, that time you won tickets with us, or even just something one of us said that made you laugh. Heck, maybe it's the "12 Days of Questions!" We just want to know what you liked about the show this year so we can bring you more of that in 2017 :)

Thank you so much to all of you for participating in our "12 Days of Questions!" We're so thankful to have had amazing listeners like you in 2016!

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