I'm still daydreaming about the breakfast we had at Sally's on Broadway in Springville on Friday...

Brain and I stopped in Springville on Friday morning for our 'Hometown Tour,' where we did a live morning show from 6-9 a.m. Sally and her staff were kind enough to open up early for us, and that meant BREAKFAST. There was coffee and donuts, but also a couple of other options: biscuits & gravy and breakfast bowls. What do you do when you just CAN'T choose? You get both! So this is the magic that we were able to eat on Friday morning:

Not only did we get to eat delicious food, but we also had some lovely company! Thank you so much to everybody who came out to see us. We played some games, handed out a ton of boot koozies and t-shirts, and signed up people to win some Chris Stapleton tickets! Here are a few photos from our visit:

Shannon Appleby
Shannon Appleby

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