The premiere of American Idol last week had a lot of Iowans fired up about the new season. Many of us were very excited to discover that we had one of our own on the show AND that she's really good!

20-year-old Maddie Poppe of Clarksville, Iowa was featured on the very first episode of season 16 of American Idol, and she made quite the impression. The judges seemed to love her rendition of "The Rainbow Connection," and so did the rest of America. The only complaint I've seen is that they didn't show more of her audition!

Even though Maddie has been very busy since her audition aired, we were lucky enough to nab a little bit of her time for an interview this week! She talked to us about her audition experience, her hopes for the future, and her love of The Office! Here is the audio of our chat:

If you'd like to follow Maddie's Idol journey, there are several different sites where you can keep up to date and hear more of her amazing voice:

Facebook: @maddiepoppemusic

Instagram: @maddiepoppe

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