Do you remember your first concert experience?

This weekend, Brain's son Chase attended his very first concert, and it was one heck of a first concert to attend. He got to enjoy the sounds of Big & Rich, Thomas Rhett, and Blake Shelton at Kinnick Stadium's first ever live concert. He's only 12-years-old, but I'm sure it'll be something he will remember forever.

This got Brain and me thinking about our first concert experiences. Because of our age differences, our experiences are VERY different. I went to my first concert around at the age of 9. It was the year 2000. My 10-year-old cousin Erin got tickets for the show for her birthday and she was allowed to bring a friend. I was the chosen one. The concert? Britney Spears' "Oops I Did it Again Tour." It was an outdoor show, and we had lawn seats, so we were wayyyyyy in the back on a blanket, but I didn't care. I was just happy to be there. My mom gave me money for a t-shirt and that was my favorite shirt for YEARS. I wish I knew where it was...

Brain's first concert was at The Iowa State Fair in 1982. His parents took him to see The Oak Ridge Boys when he was 8-years-old! He doesn't remember much about the show, other than the bass pounding in his chest. It would be a few more years before country music stuck with him.

We want to hear about your first concert experience! Share your story with us in the comments below!

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