How well do you remember the last 28 years of country music?

Mondays are going to get pretty intense here at KHAK! Last week we launched a brand new game called 'Beat the Brain.' It will be played every Monday morning right around 7:45, and yes, there WILL a prize involved!

Here's how things will work:

  1. I will select a year between 1990 and 2018 and choose three popular radio hits from that year
  2. I will edit each song to exactly five seconds
  3. We will take one caller to go head-to-head against Brain
  4. Both Brain and the caller will have to guess the correct song title AND artist, based on the five short seconds of audio
  5. The caller will reveal their guess vocally after Brain writes his guess down - you get half a point for the correct song and half a point for the correct artist
  6. If you tie or 'Beat the Brain' - you win a prize!

I will warn you right now: the game is called 'Beat the Brain' because Brain is REALLY good at this game. He's been working in country radio for 25 years, so beating him is going to be quite the challenge! No worries, though! The songs I choose are all radio hits, so there won't be any super obscure album cuts or anything like that.

By the way, if Brain is ever off work on a Monday, the game will be changed to 'Beat Bob James,' because he's also very skilled at this game! It will never be 'Beat Courtlin,' because I only have four years of country knowledge and it would take zero effort to beat me.

Get ready to play again this morning at 7:45!

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