We really do have the best listeners!

This past Tuesday, we went to our weekly Listener Lunch at Biaggi's with Greg and his coworkers from General Mills in Cedar Rapids. But, this was no ordinary lunch. As it turns out, we were out to eat with some very important people... people with access to vast amounts of Lucky Charms marshmallows, or as they call them, "marbits."

We were joking around with General Mills folks about them possibly smuggling us some giant boxes of marbits, but we didn't think it would ACTUALLY happen. Cut to this morning, and we walk into the studio to find a giant box with our names on it. We decided to record ourselves opening it up, and this was the result:

If anyone ever tells you that dreams can't come true, don't believe them.

Thank you so much to Greg, Tony, Brian, Steve, Jaylene, Dave, and Drew for the truly AMAZING gift! We definitely didn't need three giant bags of marbits, but we certainly wanted them! Imagine what Brain's kids are going to do when he gets home later...


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