March 6th is also known as National Oreo Cookie Day, the day that Nabisco filed for a trademark for the cookie back in 1912. That's right: The Oreo turns 106 years old today!

Oreo has come a long way since then, with a TON of different flavor cookies. My personal favorites are the limited edition Reese's Peanut Butter Oreo Cookies (when are those coming back?!) and the S'mores Oreos (should've been called S'mOreos, if you ask me). You can't forget about the classic Double Stuf Oreo, though. That's the kind I buy the most.

In honor of their birthday, Oreo is giving away some free candy bars today. Their birthday website states:

"We're celebrating National OREO® Day with one million tasty gifts! The first lucky million to register will receive a coupon for a free OREO® Chocolate Candy Bar!"

To get registered for the coupon, click HERE.

Rather than sign up for free candy bars, we wanted to celebrate the Oreo in our own way. According to Record Setter, the current record for Oreos eaten per minute is around 15. We wanted to put that to the test. Brain and Bob James from KHAK went up against each other in an Oreo-eating competition. We didn't want them to try and eat 15 in 60 seconds because they're not professional eaters and we didn't want them to choke, so we put seven on each plate. Who came out the victor? See for yourself!

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