If you're a parent, undoubtedly your kids have brought, or tried to bring, some very, shall we say, 'interesting' things into the house. No matter what those things were, there is no way any of them were more adorable than what a little guy tried to take inside earlier this week.

Four-year-old Dominic was playing outside in Massanutten, Virginia Tuesday morning, January 26, while his mom was packing up items inside the fridge. You see, the family was preparing to leave a rental, according to NBC 12. Dominic's mom, Stephanie Brown, heard her son wiping his feet off on the porch. When she took a peek, this is what she saw:

You see, Dominic had made a new best friend outside and what do friends do? They take care of each other. That was exactly Dominic's plan as he thought he'd bring his new "deer friend" inside for a bowl of cereal. Tell me that's not the most adorable photo you've ever seen.

According to NBC 12, Stephanie said,

I see him and the baby deer standing next to each other almost to come inside!! I was completely shocked! I froze for a second because I literally didn’t know what to do! After I got the picture I asked Dominic to walk his new friend back to the woods so his mommy could find him."

Per his mom's wishes, Dominic escorted the deer back to nature and the family left, with a photograph that's gone viral and a memory that will last all of their lifetimes.

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