On May 6, 12-year-old Karson Ott of Nora Springs, Iowa was killed in a tragic accident while helping the family move. Karson and his dad were loading a safe onto a trailer when it fell on Karson. His mother says they were moving because all five of the family's kids were being bullied.

Colonial Chapels
Colonial Chapels

Kristin Ott, Karson's mom, told KAAL:

We've been dealing with a lot of bullying at school and around town. On the bus there was quite a bit of bullying and I just said enough is enough.


The family made the decision to move to a different school district last fall. A week before the accident, the Ott family put their home up for sale, according to a post on Kristin's Facebook page. Ott says,

All (the superintendent) keeps telling us is he hasn't been notified on anything that goes on, just that they'd watch the videos that they had. I've asked to watch the videos; they never let the parents watch the videos.

Karson's family wants changes to the way bullying is handled in schools around the country. His aunt, Andrea Campbell, claims the boy's sibling, Jaxon,

... had an altercation on the bus and ended up with a black and blue eye the very first day back after Karson's funeral.

Campbell shared a post to Facebook that includes what she says is a letter from one of the bullies that harassed her nephew.

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