Hopefully, your 2017 is going better than mine. Having a tooth extracted today was my excitement. I like to call it ole #14. Actually, it was my Dentist that told me it was tooth #14, I just know it was a pain!

It all started towards the end of 2016 when I started having a little nagging toothache. Actually, this tooth has been bothering me off and on for awhile and I've had some work done on it in the past. The pain was starting to ramp up more around Christmas so I got it checked out and sure enough, it needed a root canal. That was done on December 29 and next, I was waiting to get a crown put on it because ole #14 is the second to last tooth on the left upper side.

Being a good boy and not eating anything too hard and trying to chew on my right side, last Thursday I had a piece of food that got lodged between ole #14 and the tooth in front of it. With one use of a toothpick, I was able to dislodge the food particle and to my surprise, a piece of the tooth came out with it. Lovely! There was no real pain with it, but it needed to be looked at.

After making an appointment with my Dentist, it was determined that ole #14 had a hairline crack and needed to come out. An appointment with an oral surgeon was set for today. Ole #14 had been pretty much painless but it must have known something was up as it decided to give me one more round of pain Wednesday night. I took care of it with multiple rounds of Ibuprofen.

So this afternoon, after a couple shots of novocaine and 15 minutes later, ole #14 was out and I'm glad it's out. Now the fun of waiting to have the novocaine wear off so I can feel the left side of my face.

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