Do you dread going to the dentist? Well, there's a cute new assistant at an Iowa dentist office that'll make you look forward to getting those teeth cleaned. Meet Maya, the 4-month-old chocolate lab mix!

According to KWWL, Cedar Valley Dental Associates have taken in this sweet little girl from the Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue. A chief executive officer, Aaron Brummer, told KWWL that Maya was found malnourished out in the cold in Missouri along with the rest of her litter. Brummer's wife picked Maya up from CVPBR and she has been spoiled ever since.

Now Maya has spent the last two weeks lounging in Brummer's office. When she's not napping, she'll hang out with guests when they ask for her. KWWL reports that "the goal is for Maya to eventually be able to sit with patients, and to help ease any anxiety they might have while at the dentist." Well, from the looks of it she's doing a great job!

Someone helped Maya by rescuing her and giving her a loving home and now she gets to help others. She is currently training to be a therapy dog and we think she'll make a great one. Just look at the sweet face!

You've probably been considering making unnecessary dental appointments just to see her, but don't worry you can see her anytime as she has her own Instagram and Facebook page (she's kind of a big deal now). If you do make it in to CVDA, get ready to have your day brightened with puppy love.

Can you imagine how clean people's teeth would be if every dentist's office had a Maya!?

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