Blake Shelton has grown accustomed to winning on The Voice — members of his team have won five times in 12 seasons — but he was beat out by Alicia Keys and her contestant Chris Blue on Tuesday (May 23). Girlfriend and fellow coach Gwen Stefani was there to console him, however, as exhibited in a video she shared after the results aired.

“What do you feel like right now?" she asks her boyfriend of nearly two years.

“A loser,” Shelton responds, semi-joking but still dejected.

“I think you’re a winner,” Stefani says back, and Shelton immediately perks up.

“I take it back, I feel like a winner!” he says, smiling.

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The adorable couple actually met on The Voice after both went through public divorces and became fast friends, soon evolving into more. Stefani ceded her coach’s chair to Miley Cyrus last season, but grabbed it back for Season 12 alongside Keys and Shelton’s forever-frenemy, Adam Levine.

After the win, Keys made sure to throw a few jabs at Shelton, who’s known for his loud personality and over-the-top confidence.

“Ladies and gentleman, it has been a great dream of mine to put a whippin’ on Blake Shelton,” Keys said. “I couldn’t wait for the day when I could say, ‘Blake, nah, nah nah.’”

Shelton had two contestants in the final four, including country fan-favorite Lauren Duski. It's not clear how he'll help move her career forward in Nashville, should she wish to follow that path.

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