As the weather gets nice, more and more people take to the outdoors. Hiking, camping, and fishing are very popular here in Iowa. But getting back to nature could also put you face to face with another resident of the state. Snakes. Iowa is home to 27 species of snakes. Most are harmless and will just slither away. But Iowa is home to four venomous snakes that could end your outdoor endeavors with one bite!

The most common type of venomous snake in Iowa is the Timber Rattlesnake. They are also the largest and most dangerous. They can be found in eastern and southern Iowa especially in wooded areas untouched by man.

Another venomous snake that can be found in Iowa is the Massasauga. They are primarily found only in the marshes of Iowa. This snake is pretty rare and isn't looking to pick a fight. They will often flee when noticed.

Another snake to avoid in Iowa is the Prairie Rattlesnake. Fortunately, this snake is primarily found only in the prairie region of Loess Hills in western Iowa, along the Missouri River.

The final venomous snake that occasionally is found in Iowa is the Copperhead. They can sometimes be found in extreme southeast Iowa, but only on rare occasions.

Just a friendly reminder that when you in the great outdoors, some of these friends may be just below your feet!


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