She's made the final six of 'Survivor' and tonight on CBS 2, the million-dollar winner is determined.

It's a big night for eastern Iowa fans of the show, especially friends of Sarah Lacina of Marion, a member of the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Sarah is one of the six that are still standing as the season finale of 'Survivor: Game Changers' airs tonight.

There's no severe weather in the forecast, thankfully. Last week, mother nature knocked out about half of the episode, and Sarah herself had a little fun with it on Twitter:

It will be one very interesting finale. Honestly, I thought for sure Sarah was going to be ousted last week. Somehow, she survived. Tonight, she battles it out with Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Troyzan, and Tai. Here's my breakdown of each.

Aubry (top right above) was a runner-up the first time she appeared on 'Survivor.' She seems to always fly under the radar. Is she tagging along, more than making big moves? Fellow players don't respect that and I believe it could be her downfall.

Brad (top center above) played with his wife the first time he was on the show. She did much better than him. He's proven throughout this season that he's a nice guy and has shown plenty of emotion, which seems to have endeared him to many of his competitors. I believe he's a real danger to win it.

Cirie (bottom left above) is a gamer. She's playing Survivor for the 4th time and it's her third time making it to at least the final six. She is a fantastic player, always looking for an angle, and a real threat to win it.

I'm almost surprised to find out Troyzan (top left above) is still on the show, and I watch it every week. That tells you just how "under the radar" he has been. I genuinely don't feel like he can win it.

Tai (bottom center above) waffles. A lot. He has driven members of his alliance crazy with his uncertainty on votes. You never know what he's going to do... right up 'til the vote every week. He's definitely a follower, not a leader. Everyone loves this fan favorite, but I, personally, would be shocked if he won.

That leaves Sarah who's apparently found a new job, or should I say a second job thanks to Survivor. I seriously doubt she's going to give up a career with the C.R.P.D. for it, but she was clearly excited about this announcement yesterday.

So what is Survivor ATF? According to the website, it's home to

... reality TV gossip, tales of dating disasters, and uncensored, no-holds-barred recaps of the CBS reality show Survivor."

On this season's Survivor, Sarah has represented herself and eastern Iowa very well. I'll never forget watching one episode in particular. It was the night a fellow competitor outed Zeke, as transgender. I suspect many viewers cried that night. I know I did. It was one of the cruelest things I've ever seen. Sarah cried too and poured her heart out on TV that night. Then, she joined her fellow cast members in voting out Jeff Varner, the man who actually thought telling people that about Zeke would somehow help him.

Sarah is a leader. She's always in on decisions regarding who will be voted out and on several occasions has had the actual deciding vote. She's dangerous and her competitors know it. Will they vote her off tonight before she makes the final three? If they don't, I think she wins the million dollars.

The two-hour finale begins at 7 tonight on CBS 2 with the reunion show to follow. The reunion show opens with the reading of votes from the final tribal council... that is when we find out who the $1 million dollar winner is. Will Sarah make it to that final vote tonight? I certainly hope so. I'll be glued to my TV, hoping not only that that happens, but that she wins the big check. Good luck, Sarah, eastern Iowa is rooting for you!

[via CBS and Survivor ATF]

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