A familiar school is considered the favorite, but a Big Ten program is right behind.

Vegas has released their opening lines for the upcoming NCAA football season and Alabama is the favorite to repeat again as national champions. This year, the spread isn't weighing as heavily on the SEC conference like in years past. However, six SEC teams made the Top 16 while the Big 10 has three teams in that group, with Michigan leading the way.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are listed as 80-1 odds of being the National Champions. The first game at Kinnick is 102 days away.

Here's the Top 16. I also included Iowa just to show you the huge gap. Is anyone else surprised the Wolverines are regarded THAT highly in only Harbaugh's second season? Granted Michigan went 10-3 last year, but...

Alabama 6-1
Michigan 7-1
Clemson 8-1
Oklahoma 8-1
Ohio State 8-1
Florida State 12-1
Baylor 15-1
LSU 15-1
Notre Dame 15-1
Tennessee 15-1
Auburn 30-1
Georgia 30-1
Michigan State 30-1
Ole Miss 30-1
UCLA 30-1
Stanford 30-1
Iowa 80-1

[VIA SB Nation]

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