Have you ever wondered how many popular TV shows are set in Wisconsin? You might be surprised by the answer!


This morning I saw a question on social media that intrigued me. It simply said;

That 70’s Show
Lavern & Shirley
What other shows were centered in Wisconsin?
Am I the only one who didn't realize more than those two television shows were set in Wisconsin?!?
Let's just say this; when I went on the hunt for the answer, I ended up feeling like an idiot. LOL.

Television Shows Set in Wisconsin

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 27 different TV shows have been set in Wisconsin; some of them in real cities and others in fictional cities. Honestly, I have never heard of many of the shows that made the list, but here are 10 I'm positive you have heard of or even watched before.

1. 'Happy Days' - Set in Milwaukee, WI (I mean, who didn't love the Fonz?!?)

2. 'Laverne & Shirley' - Set in Milwaukee, WI (I love all the Milwaukee shots in the opening theme song!)

3. 'Step By Step' - Set in Port Washington, WI

4. 'Liv & Maddie' - Set in Stevens Point, WI

5. 'That '70s Show/That '90s Show' - Set in fictional Point Place, WI (These shows get extra credit for using a Cheap Trick song as their theme song!)

6. 'Young and the Restless' - Set in fictional Genoa City, WI

7. 'Picket Fences' - Set in fictional Rome, WI (even though Wisconsin has two different towns called Rome, one in Addams County, the other in Jefferson County)

How was that for a fun,  little blast from the past?!?

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