We have some great news to report from a popular Cedar Rapids bar!

Earlier this month, we told you that Belle's Basix in Cedar Rapids would be closing its doors at the end of the month. After 10 years of sole ownership, Andrew Harrison, aka Belle, decided to step away from the business. In the letter published on the business' Facebook page, Andrew revealed that he was hoping to sell the business by January 31st, otherwise it would shut down as of February 1st.

We are very happy to report that Basix has been SOLD! The most recent post from Basix reads:

"Effective Feb. 1st, I will no longer be the owner of Club Basix. On that day, a group of amazing people will take over the bar. This company is well known in the community and across the state and even in the whole country. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and have big plans to keep this LGBTQA safe spot going, pump new life into it, and take it well into the future. Their plans are amazing and I'm excited for the bar and the community."

The new owners are Corridor Entertainment Group, who also own Studio 13 in Iowa City, another popular LGBTQA bar. Basix will be shut down for a short time to change hands and do some remodeling, but they hope to reopen by the end of February. And yes, the bar will still keep the name "Basix!"

We are so happy that Basix was able to be sold to people who plan to keep the original vision alive (and that we'll still be able to check out all the incredible drag shows!). For the latest updates from the bar, you can follow the official Facebook page HERE.

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