Chicago Bears fans are going through a lot right now. A rookie quarterback that looks to have a bright future. A head coach that fans seem to despise. A general manager that makes questionable moves. Now, they're waking up to the news that could see the team move from downtown Chicago to the suburbs. The news could also spell the end of the team's time at Soldier Field.

The news we speak of is according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears have signed a purchase agreement to buy the Arlington International Raceway property. The Bears put in a bid on the 326-acre property nearly three and a half months ago. It is the latest move that could see the team move from Soldier Field to a new stadium in Arlington Heights, 6 miles north of the Northwest Tollway. The team says that they will continue to evaluate the new property, but also said they could still negotiate with the city to stay along the lakefront.

The Sun-Times reports that the Bears are locked into a lease at Soldier Field until 2033. The Arlington Heights property has often been used as a negotiating tactic ever since the team moved into Soldier Field 50 years ago. So why not just make more changes to Soldier Field? For one, it is owned by the Chicago Park District. It seats just 62,000 fans making it the second-smallest stadium in the NFL. Plus, it doesn't have a roof, so it will never host a Super Bowl. I've been to Soldier Field twice. As a Packers fan, it certainly doesn't measure up to the amazing Lambeau Field, and I think most Bears fans would agree.

Will 'Da Bears' be in 'Da Suburbs' in 2034? It's beginning to look like it.

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