We've all seen pictures like the one above and thought, 'What would I do if I found a bear on my deck?' But those pictures weren't from Iowa. Well, this one is. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources shared the picture out of Dubuque County as a reminder that folks living in Eastern Iowa need to remain Bear Aware.

In a Facebook post, the Iowa DNR says that the bears being spotted in Eastern Iowa are black bears. Yes, some may look brown in color, but they are black bears. They are native to Iowa and each year a few make their way into Iowa from neighboring states. Just how many? The DNR says that they are currently aware of at least four black bears in Iowa and states that there could even be several more roaming the area.

The DNR notes that bears are smart and curious and offered Iowans tips on what to do should they encounter one this summer.

First of all, give the bears space. For the safety of both people and the bears, don't go looking for them. Cars and traffic can affect the movement and safety of the bears. The DNR also says that if you live in areas where bears have been sighted, take simple steps to avoid attracting them to your backyard. Put all food items away, including pet food. Store grills and smokers inside, or cover them and remove drip pans. Keep garbage and recycling cans inside. Avoid bird feeders when bears are in the area and pick up any fallen fruit from trees.

In the end, these amazing creatures are just making their way through our state. Let's stay out of their way and keep the commotion to a 'bear' minimum. Sorry...I had to.

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