It can do more than any other snowplow on the road in east-central Iowa, but that's also what makes it dangerous if you're not paying attention.

It's called a TowPlow, and it's the perfect name for it. It's a snowplow pulling a snowplow. The TowPlow is operated by only one driver but has the ability to swing the apparatus its towing to the lane to its right. That allows it to apply salt brine or to plow two lanes at once.

Cathy Cutler, Transportation Planner for the Iowa Department of Transportation's 6th District, told me TowPlows aren't new to Iowa, but this is the first one in the corridor. It can cover more territory, with just one driver, saving both time and money.

We may see it on the road in eastern Iowa very soon. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Cedar Rapids area with around three inches of snow expected by early Sunday afternoon.

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