Be careful where you buy your Garth Brooks tickets from! You could end up with seats that don't even exist.

As you probably know, Garth Brooks tickets went on sale last Friday, creating a frenzy on the ticket website. With FIVE additional shows added, people were in a rush to get their tickets before they sold out, which created a lot of traffic on the Iowa Events Center page. Many people were unable to get tickets before they sold out, and some of those people went to Google or third-party websites to try and find some. For a few people, that decision had terrible consequences.

According to KWWL, Iowan Celia Evens is one of those people that accidentally purchased fake tickets. She bought her tickets over the phone through a number that she THOUGHT was for the Wells Fargo Arena box office, but it turns out that the phone number wasn't legitimate and her seats don't actually exist. She was even sent a confirmation email through My Ticket Tracker. After Evens' husband surprised her with tickets, she tried to sell hers, and only then did she find out they were fake. She's now in a dispute with her credit card company, because My Ticket Tracker says they are only a service provider and are not responsible for what their users do.

This kind of thing is not unusual when it comes to big shows like this. The Wells Fargo Arena says this happens often when people go through third-party vendors or when people google a link and click on an ad for a website that isn't theirs. When you're looking for tickets to an event, always use the event's official website, or get the phone number from the official website. If you have to use a third-party site, find a reputable one with a ticket guarantee, and try to avoid websites like Craigslist.

Good luck with your ticket purchasing!

[Via KWWL]

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