How can you say no to a face like this?!

Last Hope

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That's Baron, our adorable featured pup for this week's 'Furry Friday' segment. Baron is a little bit of a mystery when it comes to his breed. The folks at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids know that he's a pit bull mix, but the mix is the part that leaves us wondering! His profile on Last Hope's website reads:

"Baron has such unique features, his pictures just don't do him justice! He has quite the overbite and big soft jowls so he truly looks like he has a little shar pei or hound mix in his makeup."

Baron is around two years old, but he still has that puppy energy! He doesn't enjoy being home alone for long periods of time, and he definitely shouldn't be placed in a home with cats. He would actually be a good fit for a home with no other pets, although another low-key dog around the same size might be ok. Because of his size and energy, it's only recommended that he live in a home with kids 12 and older.

Last Hope

If you think Baron would be the perfect addition to your family, you can fill out an adoption application online and then potentially set up a time to meet him! To check out that application or read more about the friendly, fun-loving Baron, you can visit Last Hope's website HERE. Let's find this big guy a furever home!

Last Hope

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