Hey kids! The adorable singing shark you love, that's been giving your parents a headache for years, is coming to Iowa.

You can see this creature with the catchy earworm at the Des Moines Civic Center. The show is on Tuesday, October 29, and tickets ranging from $29-59 can be purchased here.

"Baby Shark, do-do-do", which may not actually be the title but is about the only line sung repeatedly through the whole song, has become sort of a kids'  anthem. Baby Shark is, indeed, a cute little thing and the show is harmless fun for the whole family.

Visit this link from KCRG for more information.

In conclusion, I'm sorry, but as a point of information for those not familiar, it's my job as a broadcast entertainer to introduce you to this famous purveyor of aquatic awesomeness, who will also sing the classics "Wheels on the Bus" and "Jungle Boogie" among others at the show.


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