A new cell phone case is alarming officials.

According to KETV, a Californina police department is urging parents not to buy their children a certain cell phone case--or anyone for that matter. These cases look like actual guns! As stated in the report, a man stating he's from the police department urges citizens not to "purchase or let your children purchase this cell phone case". He states, "Although a novelty, it will create unwanted scrutiny from law enforcement for whoever uses it....Regular citizens will see it and call 911 and then law enforcement will respond accordingly for a subject with a gun call."

As you can see from the photos, it's easy to mistake this cell phone for a gun especially when it's in a back pocket. The cases come in different colors such as pink, but the black looks especially realistic. It's best to not take any chances and stay away from these things completely. You wouldn't want someone to think it's an actual gun and then find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance.

What do you think of these cell phone cases? Let us know in the comments.

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