It's not a boring flavor at least!

While fall is slowly moving its way throughout the state of Iowa, that doesn't mean that you should hold off on the ice cream anytime soon. Some of our favorite seasonal ice cream spots will be closing their doors for the year in the near future.

It might be time to stock up on a few pints of your favorite flavor from your local Hy-Vee or ALDI just in case you have a craving.

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However, what flavors of ice cream are Iowans stockpiling in their freezer in the case of a sweet tooth emergency?

Well, we asked people on our social media platforms which ice cream flavor they loved the most and got some AMAZING responses. Some people said mint chocolate chip (which has grown on me over the years), others said cookies and cream (which has been and will also be my favorite).

Colorful scoops ice cream background concept

However, we got one or two people say that their favorite was the same as the state favorite ice cream.

According to a study done by Instacart and Taste of Home, the most popular types of ice cream aren't the standard vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

There was a four-way tie for second place in this sweet study between rocky road ice cream, green tea ice cream, coffee ice cream, and birthday cake ice cream.

Have you even heard of green tea ice cream?

Iowa's favorite is actually the most popular flavor across the country: moose tracks!

Shouldn't it be called cow or pig tracks in the Hawkeye State?


If you're unfamiliar with this AMAZING flavor, it's essentially just vanilla ice cream with fudge and peanut butter cups. YUM!

This was the most popular flavor in twelve states including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska!

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