Don’t miss out on the last lunar eclipse until 2021 which is also being called the “super blood wolf moon.” Tonight, January 20, 2019, into January 21st, a total lunar eclipse will occur at the same time a “supermoon” will take place. What does this mean? Well doing a short time frame of an hour, the moon will appear red in color and slightly larger than usual. It is an astronomical phenomenon that people in all of North and South America and parts of Asia and Europe will be able to witness. It will also be the last lunar eclipse until 2021.

If you want to witness the event tonight, the total lunar eclipse will begin at 10:41 p.m. Iowa time and will last until 11:44 p.m. with the peak of the event occurring at 11:16 a.m. If weather conditions do not allow a clear sky to view the event, you can also watch live footage of the phenomenon HERE.

Want to know why it is called the “super blood wolf moon?” Check out the full article for more information on the name and how/where to watch it.

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