Well, the day has finally arrived! It is officially our last morning show together in 2019. Since Brain will be gone the rest of this week, I will be gone all of next week, and Brain will be gone the week of New Year's Eve, today is our annual Christmas Extravaganza! We kicked off our day of holiday fun with a gift exchange, but we changed things up a little bit.

After doing normal gifts for two years and gag gifts for two years, this year we decided to do a "Thriftsmas" gift exchange! We each had a limit of $20, and that $20 could only be spent at a thrift store. I ended up with five items and Brain bought four.

The items I bought for Brain include:

  • A Mickey Mouse baseball ornament (because he hit a home run this year in a charity baseball game)
  • A Star Wars activity box (because he loves Star Wars)
  • A One Direction version of the game Girl Talk (because he secretly loves One Direction)
  • A framed photo of two cats in costumes (because he is a crazy cat dad)
  • A book titled, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reaching Your Goals" (because Brain HATES New Year's resolutions and I thought it was hilarious

The items Brain bought me include:

  • A quesadilla maker
  • A candle box (with no candle)
  • A sign that says, "I'm not bossy... I just have the best ideas"
  • A Mr. Rodgers t-shirt that says, "It's all good in the hood"

This year's gift exchange was a lot of fun! Maybe next year we'll do it again...

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