We are living in an era of social media, and that includes all types of people, especially parents. But, when it comes to sharing things about our children, how much is TOO much?

According to a study, over half of parents are worried that their kids may be embarrassed someday by something that they have shared on a social media page. This could include pictures, videos, statuses, and more. It is especially prevalent right now, because almost 70% of parents rely on social media to get advice from other parents about things like discipline, schools, and behavior issues, so you could be revealing too much about your child without even realizing it. Additionally, 2/3 of parents are concerned that something they post online could allow a stranger to learn private information about their child. There is a fine line between sharing and OVER-sharing, but there are really no clear boundaries, so it may be hard to distinguish between the two.

What do you think is ok to share about your kids on social media, and what do you think is NOT ok? Do you think your kids would be embarrassed later in life by something you've posted about them online? Please share your opinions below.

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