If you're looking to get an iPhone at a discounted price, you may need to look no further than Apple. The company is once again selling refurbished iPhones on their website. It's the first time since 2007 Apple has sold refurbished phones.

Prices are discounted anywhere from ten to fifteen percent off of retail prices. But the phones also come with a one-year warranty, just like new phones, a new outer case, and new battery. They are also unlocked and don't include a SIM card.

Where are the iPhones coming from? Many are products of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program. After you've made payments on your current iPhone for a year, you have the option of trading it in for a newer model. I just did that with my old iPhone in fact. The refurbished iPhones may be a deal, but they're still pricey. A refurbished iPhone 6s 16 gb model will cost you around $450.


[via Forbes]

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