Iowa's first in the nation status has routinely been questioned this election cycle. After last night's 2020 Iowa caucuses, it could be gone for good. As of just after 4 a.m. this morning, no winner has been declared. That's because so far we have NO results from the caucus locations.

The Iowa caucuses are supposed to be different. It's people gathering and supporting their candidate, and then if need be, being persuaded to join another to help in viability. It's an amazing lesson in strategy and togetherness. Two things missing in most levels of government right now. The little feel-good story of Iowa has propelled little known candidates like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama to the White House. Right now all we have are claims from the Iowa Democratic Party that there is a delay in the results. Why the delay? They want to ensure integrity in the process. But it might be too late.

While campaigns have been kept in the loop, most have moved on to New Hampshire who has the first in the nation primary. Pete Buttigieg is the only candidate to outright claim victory in Iowa and he has no idea if he's right! Joe Biden sounded less enthused in his speech last night but he too is assured some delegates. Amy Klobuchar arrived in New Hampshire where she is polling second and assured supporters that she too fared well in Iowa.

Soon we'll know the results and hopefully why they took so long to attain. But I fear that Iowa's day in the political spotlight may be over. The caucuses will certainly be scrutinized closely before 2024. Our little political experiment in the Midwest may suddenly be out of the spotlight.


[via CNN]

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