Get ready...this article is about to get very POLITICAL! That's because caucus night 2020 is almost here! Iowa's first in the nation vote happens on February 3rd. Candidates have spent countless hours crisscrossing the state and countless dollars on advertising. You may plan on voting that night, but are you sure you know where to go?

I started my search on the website of the Iowa Secretary of State. You simply type in your zip code and home address and you'll get information on where to vote in city and school elections and also primary and general elections. But these locations are necessarily where you go to caucus. Caucus locations are determined by the Democratic and Republican parties.

If you're a Republican you can check HERE to find out where you vote on the 3rd. If you're a Democrat, click HERE to find your caucus location. If you aren't registered to vote with either party you can do so before caucus night, or even on-site that evening. Just bring a photo ID and proof of residency.

Soon the political spotlight will be off our state. So no matter you candidate, get out and VOTE!!

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