When the building your police department is housed in is falling apart, it's time to make a move. Of course, when the building is 117 years old, it might be time to make a move anyway. The Anamosa Police Department needs to move, and they have a plan.

The current police department building was built in 1902. It isn't handicapped accessible. It has only two rooms for all police functions. Evidence is stored in the basement. Rainy days sometimes means the floor seeps water and gets things wet. Estimates for a brand new police station came in well over $1 million. So instead, the department wants to take an existing building that is sitting empty and convert it into the new police headquarters.

The city purchased a building on North Ford Street in Anamosa for around $244,000. The developer is gutting the former restaurant and adding another 7,000 square foot building. The city says they expect the total cost of the project to come in under $700,000. The new location would also keep the police department near the center of the city.

[via KCRG]

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