All hail the "Queso King!"

It's clear that nobody loves Pancheros more than Josh Davis of Johnston, Iowa. According to a recent article from the Des Moines Register, Josh has been crowned Queso King by the restaurant chain... and this isn't the first time!

How does one become the "Queso King?" Well, the Register reports that the honor is given to the customer who places the most entree orders with queso in a year using Pancheros rewards program. Josh ordered queso a whopping 360 times! He reportedly eats at the restaurant 7 to 8 times a week, depending on his work schedule. He was also the champion back in 2021.

If you're wondering what Josh's typical order at Pancheros consists of, it's actually pretty simple. The article says that he "pairs a large Diet Coke with a burrito featuring two scoops of chicken, two scoops of steak, three scoops of rice, pinto and black beans, one to two scoops of queso depending on the day, cheese and mild salsa."

The craziest part of the story is that Josh isn't the only person in his family to be in the running for Queso King! When he found out he was in the top 20 a couple of months ago, he discovered that his cousin was also a finalist. Maybe passion for Pancheros is in their genes?

In addition to the trophies that Josh received, he has also been awarded some Pancheros merch and free queso for an entire year. I was wondering how much money that is, so I did a little math. According to the online menu for one of the Cedar Rapids locations, adding queso to a burrito costs about $1.85. Multiply that by 360 orders and you get $666. That's INSANE. Their queso is the best, though...

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