Who wouldn't want to hire these adorable grazers?

McIntosh Woods State Park in Ventura, Iowa has been having a bit of a vegetation problem, and they are turning to a herd of goats for a solution. Non-native plants like honeysuckle and buckthorn have been taking over the park, and after several years of attempts to control them, goats seemed like a good next stop . The Globe Gazette says, "Goats can be put to work controlling undesirable plants without the use of chemical herbicides or gas-powered machinery. They can also work in areas that would be uncomfortable and even dangerous for workers."

Thanks to Goats on the Go in Ames, about 40 goats will be hanging out in the park for about 6 weeks. Turns out, there are a lot of places over here in Eastern Iowa that have used this business, as well! I had no idea that you could actually hire goats to do this kind of work. Do you think I could hire some just to come over and hangout with me?

Check out some of the pictures/videos of these adorable employees from the Goats on the Go Instagram page:

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