One of Iowa's most well-known diners will reopen under new management later on this week! According to the Iowa City Press-CitizenHamburg Inn No. 2 is set to welcome customers again beginning on Thursday, October 5th.

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Located at 214 N Linn Street, Hamburg Inn No. 2 has been an Iowa City staple for around 90-years. Unfortunately, it's been a difficult year for the restaurant. Late in 2022, it was reported that the restaurant would be shutting down for good in 2023, but it only ended up being a temporary closure. After reopening in February, it was then closed again in July due to staffing issues. The good news is, that closure has almost come to an end!

Back in August, it was reported that Gold Cap Hospitality would be taking over Hamburg Inn No. 2. The company is headed up by former Iowa Hawkeye Nate Kaeding and also runs two other Iowa City restaurants: Pullman Bar & Diner and St. Burch Tavern. Here's what Nate had to say about Hamburg Inn No. 2:

"After almost 90 years, The Burg needs some fixing up. We’re taking stock of the things that are broken along with the things that aren’t. The Burg doesn’t need new ideas. At least, we don’t think it does. It just needs to remember who it was.

Sure, we might try a new thing or two. We’re still figuring that out. A little change can be good. But just know we’ll be open first thing in the morning, serving breakfast all day like we always have. See you in the neighborhood."

Late last week, it was revealed on social media that Hamburg Inn No. 2's grand reopening is set for Thursday, October 5th at 7 a.m., just in time for the University of Iowa's homecoming celebration! According to the event listing:

"Guests will find all of their time-honored favorites on the menu and are encouraged to cast their vote for the 2024 Presidential Election in Iowa’s most famous straw poll, The Hamburg Inn Coffee Bean Caucus."

The restaurant will be open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and
Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can read more grand reopening HERE.

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