People from all over the country are heading down to Florida to help out with Hurricane Irma relief, and that includes people right here in Iowa!

Alliant Energy is sending 200 volunteers from both Iowa and Wisconsin down to Florida this week to help restore power. In fact, according to KCRG, the crews are expected to arrive down there today! As of yesterday, CNN reports that there were about 4.4 million customers there without power. That incredibly high number resulted in Florida asked for help through a national mutual assistance program among utilities that has benefited Iowans in the past. Companies from over 30 different states and Canada responded by sending in around 18,000 crews to help out.

The Alliant Energy crew will be down there for about two weeks, but they say that there are still plenty of crew members here in Iowa, just in case a storm hits. To keep up to date with the work they're doing,you can follow the Alliant Energy Facebook Page.

To read the full statement from Alliant, click HERE.

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