When vehicles from other states drive by me on the interstate I often think Iowa's license plates need more flare. Now, we get our chance.

Iowa's current license plate has been around since 1998. It shows the diversity of Iowa with city skyscrapers in the background with a farmstead in the front. It's ok. I recall, 20 years ago, liking it quite a bit. However, it's definitely time for a refresher.

Bob James
Bob James

Now, granted what we have now is a major improvement from what we had prior to that. That's just embarassing.

The best news is we could have some options to look at in less than two months! IDOT spokeswoman Andrea Henry told the Gazette,

We’re hoping to have options for the public to consider by early to mid-August. Right now, we have our own internal graphic designers who are doing research and working on the designs we will be considering.”

Between three and five designs will be chosen and we'll be asked to pick our faves. I know it's too late for this, but why not ask Iowans to create their own design ideas? The tools available to people online are amazing and the more people creating, the better. So how will the actual plate design be chosen? The DOT apparently hasn't quite figured that out yet. It could be at the Iowa State Fair, on social media, and/or on the IDOT website (guys, let's figure that out quick... we want a voice).

According to their website, Hogs4DogsUSA says "the Iowa Department of Transportation has conditionally approved the Pet Friendly License Plate designed by our very own Alixandria Collins! You can see it HERE.

The new choice will then be unveiled later in the year with new plates going out to Iowans over a 10-year period, starting next year. Man that's a long time. Could we accelerate that pace? Turns out, yes. If you want your plate faster, you can pay an extra $5 on annual vehicle registration to get plates sooner. Count me in for that.

What would you like to see on Iowa's new license plate? More color? Maybe a idea for the scene itself? Leave your comments and ideas below.

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