The Green Bay Packers went 13-3 last season and were one game away from playing in the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers played well in his first season in new head coach Matt Lafleur's offense. But going into the NFL Draft, the Packers had some glaring needs. Offensive tackle, wider receiver, and linebacker to name a few. So naturally, when the Pack traded up to pick 26 last night I thought they had their man in one of those positions. Boy was I wrong.

Green Bay did to Aaron Rodgers what they did to Brett Favre when they drafted Rodgers back in 2005. Favre was 35 years old and firmly entrenched as the starter when Rodgers came town. Last night, with Rodgers sitting at 36 years old, the Packers drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. Many people raved about Love's raw talent and his need to sit for a few years and mature. He'll have that chance now in Green Bay. But if there is one thing a Hall of Fame-bound incumbent QB doesn't like it's having a ticking clock staring him in the face every practice.

Favre didn't handle things well when Rodgers came to town. And when the time came for Rodgers to take over, Favre threw a fit and got traded. It was a bitter end to an otherwise great relationship. It created a rift among Packer fans that finally dissipated when Favre was inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Packers ring of honor. How will Rodgers handle it?

Personally, I get the pick. You're trying to set yourself up for the future after Rodgers is done. But what about helping him win another Super Bowl? How does Jordan Love help THIS year's team, or NEXT year's team? He doesn't. Get ready for a long preseason Packer fans.


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