Despite playing only four snaps this season for the Jets, Aaron Rodgers is everywhere these days. True, the future Hall of Fame quarterback has some time on his hands while he rehabs his Achilles injury. But from his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show to his time on The Manning Cast during Monday Night Football, A-Rod is letting his thoughts be known on topics other than just the NFL. One of those is Iowa Hawkeye football.

Last week during his conversation with Pat McAfee, Rodgers took a potshot at Iowa after their 15-6 win over Wisconsin. He basically called the game 'boring' and a typical Big Ten West football game. Well, Hawkeye nation must have let Rodgers have it on social media because this week Aaron led off his appearance on the Pat McAfee show addressing the situation and backtracking his take. Rodgers states that he was NOT making fun of the Hawkeyes and was stating that the Iowa/Wisconsin game was just a classic Big Ten battle. But then Rodgers turned his attention to a topic that most Iowa fans can come to an agreement on. Cooper DeJean got screwed!

Rodgers called the ref's reversal of the Cooper DeJean touchdown one of the worst calls he's ever seen. And this is the guy who sat and watched the 'Fail Mary' debacle in Seattle in 2012! Rodgers goes on to say that he hopes the call doesn't cost Iowa a spot in the Big Ten Championship game. He clearly hasn't seen our offense lately, has he?

Will this get Rodgers back on the good side of Iowa fans? Some, perhaps. But it just goes to show you how bad of a call that was in Iowa City on Saturday. That play is still being discussed by football players and fans across the nation, including a former NFL MVP.


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