Iowa and Iowa State football fans traveling to Ames for the big Cy-Hawk football game should plan for the normal headaches that come with thousands of people gathering for a huge event. And that, of course, means struggling to find parking. The city of Ames has some new rules that motorists need to be aware of!

The city of Ames this year, passed an ordinance that doubles the fines for parking illegally from 6 a.m. to midnight on game day. Why the change? Gameday parking around Jack Trice Stadium has been an ongoing issue. Residents who live in those neighborhoods have had driveways blocked, and streets blocked for emergency vehicles. The ordinance doubles fines from $20 to $40.

That change is significant because most lots near the stadium charge $20 to park. Some fans would choose to park illegally and know their fine would be no more than what others would have to pay for parking. A normal gameday usually sees between 400 and 500 citations given. The last Iowa, Iowa State game saw over 700 written.

Officials hope the more expensive fines will get some motorists to think twice about where they park.

[via Gazette]

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