A Cedar Rapids Police Officer is getting some well-deserved attention after being featured in a Facebook post that has over 800 shares!

A new Facebook post from Renee Nicole Nunemaker popped up in my newsfeed this morning, and it is getting quite a bit of attention! Officer Glenn Kieler, or as some know him, Police Pal Glenn, directs traffic every morning for the College Community School District. What makes him different from your average police officer? Well, just take a look at the post:

Officer Glenn's wacky costumes and accessories are what sets him apart from the rest! Judging from the comments, he has been doing the job for years, and is loved by many parents and students. As of this morning, the post has been shared over 800 times, with the Cedar Rapids Police Department taking time to recognize him, as well. There are even some trying to get him national attention on the Ellen Facebook page. We would like to thank Officer Glenn for bringing so many smiles to Eastern Iowa residents. Keep up the great work!

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