Get ready for a new place for pups to play in the Corridor! Thanks to the City of Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation, Community Development, and Public Works Departments, as well as The Watts Group, a new dog park is headed to the area!

According to a new post from the City of Cedar Rapids Iowa Government Facebook page, Cedar Rapids' newest dog park will be located in the city's NewBo District. More specifically, it will be at the intersection of 4th Street SE and 16th Avenue SE, which is very close to NewBo City Market. The park won't be huge, but it will have a few amenities. The post says:

"this half acre pocket park will be a doggy delight with a fenced in grassy area, a patio with benches, and a drinking foundation with jug filler."

The purpose of the new park is to provide a place for residents and visitors in the neighborhood to have a place to "exercise their dogs and meet new paw pals."

Before the new park can move forward, it needs a name. The city is hoping that Cedar Rapidians will have some creative ideas, so they are asking for suggestions! If you have one, you can either send it via email to or by posting a comment on the Facebook photo HERE. The deadline is Valentine's Day!

The city of Cedar Rapids has a couple of dog parks already in operation, including Cheyenne and K9Acres in Marion. They are also planning to open one at Jones Park that will be about 10 acres. You can read more about those parks HERE.

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