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This week, the Great Jones County Fair in Monticello made a big announcement on their Facebook page. For the first time ever, the fair will be hosting a Mullet Competition in 2023!

The competition, sponsored by Lux Salon & Spa in Monticello, will have three different categories. The first is "Young Bucks," which is for ages ten and under, the second is "Young, Wild, & Free," which is for ages ten to 17, and the final category is "In it to Win it" for ages 18 and up. Contestants will be competing for cash prizes. You'll be able to see all the mullet glory on Wednesday, July 19th of 2023.

Great Jones County Fair, Facebook
Great Jones County Fair, Facebook

Personally, I think this competition is PERFECT for Iowa. I went to a couple of different county fairs last summer, and there were mullets galore! I was also very surprised to see so many kids with them. There are already people tagging their family members and friends on Facebook and encouraging them to participate. I can't wait to see what people come up with!

The Mullet Competition is just one of the contests that will be held at the Great Jones County Fair in 2023. Some of the ones that were held in 2022 include the Farm Bureau Cookout Contest, the Cowgirl Queen Contest, the Ron Nemmers Amateur Photography Contest, the Subway Cookie Contest, and the Wine Making Contest. A couple of concerts have also been announced for next summer's fair! Jon Pardi and Russel Dickerson will take the Grandstand stage on Saturday, July 22nd, and We the Kingdom and Anne Wilson will be there on Sunday, July 23rd. More concert announcements will be made as we get closer to the event, which runs July 19th through 23rd. We will see you at the fair!

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