It's getting pretty hard to keep up with emojis these days. There are hundreds of them available on my phone, but I really only use a handful of them on a daily basis.

The Unicode Consortium is the group in charge of choosing emojis, and they have released their "draft candidates" for Unicode 11.0, which is scheduled for release in June of 2018. There are currently 67 candidates. The finalists will be decided later this year, with the official winners being chosen early next year.

Let's get to the list! It includes a few emojis that many believe should've been added a long time ago, and they involve hair color/style. Redheads, people with gray/white hair, and people with no hair at all will potentially have their own emojis now! Hooray! Here are a few of the others that could be added to your phone next year:

  • A smiley face with a cape (hero)
  • A serious face with a cape and eye mask (villain)
  • A smiley face with a party hat and horn
  • A face with uneven eyes and a wavy mouth (I'm calling this the drunk emoji)
  • A poop emoji with a sad face
  • A llama
  • A raccoon
  • A cupcake
  • A sliced bagel
  • A firecracker
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • A tooth

To see the full list of possible emojis, including photos, click HERE.

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