One of the biggest nights of the year in Downtown Cedar Rapids is coming up quick! The 2019 Market After Dark will take place on August 24th from 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and according to the official website, "this event brings more than 40,000 people downtown for food, beer, wine, art, entertainment and more!"

Not only will this event feature live music, vendors, local beer, and food, but lots of downtown businesses will be open throughout the event, as well. One of those businesses is a place that only opens up three times a year: The Tycoon.

The Tycoon, located at 427 2nd Ave SE, was last open for New Year's Eve of 2018. The only other two events they open up for are the Market After Dark and, of course, St. Patrick's Day. They first opened for the Market After Dark in 2017 and then again in 2018. Glad to see they're continuing the tradition! It's a spacious bar, which is exactly what downtown will need on a night with over 40,000 people on the streets! I have confirmed with the bar that they will open up for business at 6 p.m. sharp.

We will see you out and about on August 24th! :)

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