When is the last time you ran a mile? I admit I'm not a runner. I've stated numerous times that the only way I'll run is if I'm being chased by something trying to kill me. But run for fun? No thank you. I remember having to run the mile in school It was a day that everyone dreaded. Except for the 2 or 3 kids that were really good at it of course. How about running a mile when you're 96 years old?

That's what Mike Fremont from Ohio did this month when he ran the mile at the Grand Mile Road Race in Des Moines. How did he do? He set a new American record for his age group at 13 minutes and 55 seconds! Fremont said after the race that he wasn't sure if it was a great time, but he thought it was OK. He also said he felt good while running, but not very 'sprightly'. Give the guy a break, he's 96!

Fremont now has his sights set on a World Record. He'll run for that mark on April 27th at the Men's Masters 800 meter race in the 95 plus category at Drake Stadium in Des Moines. Good luck Mike!


[via KCRG]

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